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 Tina's Trivia - Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Tina's Trivia - Rules & Guidelines   Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:16 pm

Each week I will post a trivia question for everyone here on Elf Island Forums to participate in! In order to participate you need to follow these rules/guidelines:

1. You can only submit 1 answer per week. (only your first entry will be accepted)

2. Post your answer inside the thread! You must use this code:

[hide] ANSWER GOES HERE [/hide]

This only allows moderators to view what is inside the code. If you do not use this code the answer will be shown - which is not ok.

3. You must submit your answer by the end of Friday. After that the thread will be locked.

4. Each correct answer is given a number. (this is so we can randomly choose a winner)

5. We will then use the numbers on www.random.org to choose 4 lucky winners.

6. The Award (along with the next question) will be posted on Monday.
This is the award:

7. Every 10 wins you will receive a "Gold Star" on the Award. You can win up to a 5-Star Award.
This is what you could win up to:

8. Only answers may be posted on the Tina's Trivia threads! Any other posting will be deleted by a mod.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please PM any of the Elf Island Forums Staff, Ernie, or myself.

Remember to keep an eye out every Monday for another Trivia Question!

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Tina's Trivia - Rules & Guidelines
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